Looking for new places to advertise your new spa or salon? Before you start budgeting for your next round of posters, you might want to look into a more modern way of attracting new customers and clients—by advertising on online spa directories.

In the advent of the social media and search engine generation, customers not only prefer to book their spa appointments online, they also save time and effort by looking for the best spas to try out with only a touch of a finger.

Thousands of potential new customers visit online spa directories every day in hopes of finding one that offers a specific service or is near their vicinity. With these online directories, they get redirected to one or several websites—and one of them could be yours. It’s an efficient way to show exactly what kind of services you offer, differentiate your spa or salon from others, and provide contact details so they can easily find you.

Find the most popular local and foreign sites that can feature your spa or salon below:

  1. Yelp Manila

Yelp is a world-famous directory, both locally and internationally. Our local businesses are indeed lucky that the American online directory giant has opened a search page for Manila-based companies—as well as a special tab dedicated for beauty and spa services. Yelp Manila beauty and spa section has over 100 pages, listing 10 businesses each, and shows the spa or salon name, star rating, a review snippet at first glance.

Once they click the name of your business, they’ll be redirected to your own Yelp page where they will find your business’ address, map location, contact numbers, website, photos and more customer reviews. Another plus is that Yelp has their own mobile app, so customers who have downloaded it will be able to find you on their phones at their convenience.

  1. FourSquare

Anybody who’s been utilizing social media the past few years has used—or, at least, heard of—this review-and-discovery mobile service app. While it was first launched in the U.S., tech savvy locals quickly got hooked as it fed their love for both social media and travel. Aside from learning about new nearby establishments from the app’s recommendations and map listings, they get to “Check In” whenever they visit one and earn FourSquare points and medals in the process. After each visit, users can even leave star ratings and reviews for each establishment, which affects each establishment’s overall public rating. Business owners can also advertise several promos, such as added FourSquare points or discounts whenever users visit their establishments or avail of particular services, on their own FourSquare pages in order to attract visitors and customers. The best part? The service is for free!

  1. Looloo

Looloo is much like our very own Yelp and Foursquare, with the entire site and mobile social networking app serving as a place for reviews and discovery of establishments, services, accommodations and attractions within the Philippines. As they say, with their help, you get to “discover places you’ll love in the Philippines,” obviously including the highest-rated relaxation and massage places.

Right off the bat, their main page asks what the user is looking for (hotel, day spa, attractions, etc.) as well as the municipality or city that they wish to find them in. A quick search for a Day Spa in Manila pulls up several results and features the name of the spa, the star rating based on reviews, and the address. Each spa’s very own Looloo page shows the business address, map location, personal reviews, and similar nearby establishments.

The only setback here is that while many have Looloo downloaded on their phones, not many businesses have taken the time to get themselves listed.  Perhaps getting your spa featured here would be a plus for you considering there aren’t too many competitors listed.

  1. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is arguably the #1 travel website in the world. People often visit TripAdvisor when they want brutally honest reviews about a particular business or tourist attraction from any part of the world. Not only that, the site also recommends nearby places, depending on what kind of service or activity you’re looking for, but it’s the users who provide most of the content. Users can add your business on the site for you—for free. Once you have your own page, they’ll find important details about your establishment as well as photos and in-depth reviews about your business.

You don’t even have to pay to have your business exposed on the homepage to better exposure. As long as customers have heard about you, they’ll eventually search about you on the Internet—and TripAdvisor is most likely on their top 3 lists of websites to search in.

  1. WellnessHub

As you might have noticed by their name, this local online directory features solely massage spa establishments. WellnessHub Philippines prides itself in giving you ample online advertising presence and helping you (whom they refer to as their own partners) attract customers.

The site has header tabs for general locations (Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao) and each tab has a drop down menu featuring cities in each Philippine municipality/island, thus saving you time in finding your desired business location. Once you pull up a page, you’ll find personalized banners and cover photos for each massage spa. Each banner features the company logo, address or branches, working hours, contact numbers, massage specialty, home or hotel massage availability, and therapist gender availability.

Each massage spa’s page features their logo, their very own service description to attract customers, contact details, services offered (such as Swedish, Shiatsu, European, Thai, and/or Reflexology), and customer comments. A plus here is that, unlike other sites, they show price ranges for each business and offers an easy-to-locate “Submit A Spa” header tab for spa owners who wish to have their businesses advertised on the site.

  1. Manila Touch

Manila Touch is another local website focused on developing and marketing spa and massage services in the metro. Like WellnessHub, it shows banners and cover photos with details of featured wellness and relaxation businesses, this time on the homepage. Brand logos include captions at the bottom that attract customers from a specific location, like “Amazing Hot Touch Massage in Quezon City” and “Central Massage and Spa in Pasay.”

Like WellnessHub, each massage spa’s page features their logo, one-liner service description, contact details, services offered, therapist gender availability, operating hours and the price range. Customers can also leave their ratings and reviews on the business’ own Manila Touch page. They also have a “Submit A Spa” header tab, so it’s easy for any spa owner to contact the site for advertisement purposes.

  1. Phil Spas

Phil Spas is a sister company of Manila Touch that features businesses outside Manila. This local online spa massage listing features a well-built website that asks you what you’re looking for right on its homepage. With it, you can also search spas near you and find their exact address and contact numbers. It also has 9 featured spas on its homepage, giving them maximum exposure for site visitors.

Each establishment’s very own Phil Spas page features an even bigger and wider cover photo slide, so users can easily view multiple photos with ease. The page allows spa owners to leave lengthier service descriptions, which includes the price range, services offered, therapist gender availability, and other details in paragraph form.

It also features a location map for the establishment, their working hours per day of the week, as their amenities and spa features, like parking area, shower room and Wi-Fi access. Customers are also allowed to leave their own star ratings and reviews for each spa page. Finally, an “Add Your Spa” tab allows spa owners to advertise their own businesses on Phil Spas with just a few clicks.

  1. Spa In The Philippines

Spa In The Philippines’ website is almost identical to Phil Spas—from its interface, headers, search bar and featured spas on the homepage, to its very detailed business pages. If you’re planning to advertise your spa on Phil Spas, it’s still advisable to also seek the advertising services of Spa In The Philippines (despite the latter having a slightly lower page rank compared to the former) as they also get regular page visits and will most likely get your business noticed!

Spas and salons are very much in demand as we become increasingly busy and crave relaxation. Advertising yourself online (and in the right places) will help bridge the gap between you and your future customers faster. No matter which online directory site you choose to advertise your spa or salon on, at the end of the day, you’ll be reaching more potential customers and doing wonders for your business.

Do you know of any other websites where you can advertise your business? Share it in the comment section below.

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