Good news! In the effort to continuously improve our software, we just launched our new Time-In/Out Module. This module aims to replace your traditional time cards, biometrics and attendance logbooks. From now on you can have all your employees clock-in and clock-out at ZenSoft.

Click the video to see how easy it is to clock-in


Advantages of using ZenSoft’s Time-in/Out Module

  • Less time spent during payroll computation
    Im pretty sure whether you are using a timecard, logbook or biometrics for your attendance you are pretty much identifying and counting the number of absences, lates, and number of working days manually for each of your employees and for each day of your cut-off which can take a couple of hours, half a day or worse, an entire day! A pain in the a**, right? With ZenSoft, now you can get summarized reports for the total number of absences, lates, workings days/hours, and more in just a few clicks!
  • Accuracy
    Prevent human errors due to manually counting and computing for the number of absences, lates and under times. Since our summarized reports are automated and system generated, you are assured that there are no miscalculations and errors.
  • Automated reports and notifications
    You will get automated text/email notifications on which employees are late, absent or if someone was under time. What’s even great is you will be notified by the system which of the staff/s are frequently late or absent.
  • Save money
    You no longer have to buy expensive biometric devices which can range anywhere between P 4,000 to P12,000 thousand pesos. You just need to buy a webcam which ranges from P 500 to P 1,000. However, if your laptop already has a webcam then you are good to go. Also, ZenSoft saves employee time and decreases staffing overhead by eliminating the practice of keeping manual time and attendance records.
  • Completely eliminate buddy punching
    “Buddy Punching” is defined as the practice of punching another employee in or out when they are not there yet. With traditional time cards or logbooks this can be prevalent. However, with ZenSoft’s module this can be completely eliminated because every time an employee clocks-in/out his photo will be taken and saved in the system.
  • Centralized data
    Wouldn’t it be nice to have all business information in just one dashboard instead of using multiple platforms? With ZenSoft’s admin panel you can see everything from daily sales, expenses, client database, reports and now including employee attendance.

Here are some screenshots of the new module



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