We have just updated ZenSoft to improve your user experience.

Here is the list of updates that we have implemented:

1.) Re-organized the navigation menu of the POS Module.
– The Expense Module for petty cash expenses is now located within the Manage menu

2.) Added 3 new modules under the Manage menu

A. Schedule Module
Your front-desk/receptionist/manager can now set and update the schedule of your staff directly in the POS without having to go to the Admin Dashboard

B. Inventory Module

Your front-desk/receptionist can now update the inventory of your consumables and retail products. This is useful when refilling your inventory and when you use up your consumables.

C. Staff Sales Module

This shows the day’s summary of the number of services rendered, products sold, total sales/quota per staff and total commissions of all your staff.

3.) Added Gift Certificate Module

You can now sell gift certificates to your customers. Contact us to explain this module further.

4.) New Time-in/out Module

All your employees can now time-in/out using ZenSoft. This aims to replace your biometrics, timecards and attendance logbooks. Click here to learn more about this module.

If you have any concerns or questions about our recent update please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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